In July 2013, I headed off alone to cycle 11,000 miles through North America, taking in one beautiful Canadian province and all 50 states of the USA. Starting in Alaska and ending with Hawaii, I loaded up a touring bike with everything but the kitchen sink, and took a very wiggly route across one of the most diverse countries on the globe.

This was my first endurance adventure, and I came to it with two very clear aims; to get kids and communities inspired on on bikes. And to raise awareness and funds for a chosen charity - Right To Play.



​Being born into a family of sport fanatics and the daughter of two Olympians, I was lucky enough to embrace sport at an early age. After 28 years and a bit of reflection, I simply woke up one day and decided that it was time to start doing something 'more'. To find what I was put on this teeny planet to do and work towards giving other children a taster of the luxuries I'd been afforded while I'm at it. So I bought a pad, and a pen, and I began to scribble....




I love to travel. I'm a keen writer and I'm mad for the great outdoors - so the scribbling led me here, Rolling all of my hobbies into one big passion-pie. And the cherry on top? I got to help out others in the process. Marvellous.



In it's entirety, this was a solo adventure. I did however have an equally unhinged buddy with me for the first 7 weeks, and I connected with local communities as I passed through. I met with cycling enthusiasts, kids, parents and teachers - in a bid to spread a little two-wheeled love and inspiration. And spread it I did. I also found a few people on the way who came alongside me for a day or two. It was big adventure after all - there was more than enough to go around. 

An 11,000 mile cycle across the 50 US states

The Big Five-O

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